• Make a rough plan. Don't stick to a single plan. Better to have two to three alternative plans. Change plan dynamically based on the situations.

  • Use GPS as much as possible. Always ask direction if you are driving through an area where GPS doesn't available. In some cities GPS may not work properly (For instance Calcutta city).

  • Carry all vehicle related documents - originals as well as attested copies. If you are not the RC owner of the vehicle, get an authorisation letter from RC owner and get it legally attested.

  • Carry Passport (Original/ Copies). Also bring enough number of photographs.

  • Apply Inner line permit in advance to avoid unwanted delays (ILP offices work only on weekdays) .Check entry and exit time/day restriction of each destinations/ places. Some places only opened on special days/ timings. Also there are restrictions in entry time for some Himalayan boarders (for instance Nathula Pass, Bumala Pass etc).

  • Write down important phone numbers from your cell phone in case of battery dying out unexpectedly or no network.

  • Keep emergency food and carry enough amount of drinking water.

  • Take care of your valuables and do not leave them unattended in your car at any point of time. Keep all important documents and extra money hidden inside Car.


  • Don't forgot to carry car chargers and extensions. Better use a car charger with DC to AC converter with enough load taking capacity. Do carry your driver’s license handy as you will need to show it to authorities at every check point.

  • Don't carry liquor from one state to another. Even it is allowed, police try to bribe because of this reason. Some states have their own Liquor laws (For instance We are not allowed to carry liquor from other states to Maharashtra. In order to carry, you have to get a special document from the buyer/ district offices. It's a complicated procedure. better to avoid carrying alcohol from one state to another, even it is an opened single bottle).

  • Don't leave the car open. Always lock your vehicle and double check doors and glasses.

  • Don't park vehicle at the sides of the roads for sleeping at night, find a good petrol pump or railway stations for sleep at night.

  • Don't stop vehicle in isolated areas. Don't drive alone, try to stick with group of vehicle while driving night through isolated areas.

  • Don't stop vehicle at night until unless we are asked to stop by armed officers, especially in Assam and West Bengal and Orissa. If someone tries to stop your vehicle, Don't unlock your car doors and Don't stop ignition, Also try to restrict access to ignition. Usually in Assam and Orissa home guards stops the other state vehicle at night for bribe money. They always speak harshly. They ask your vehicle documents, license to trap us. Just give copies of all the documents. If you give the originals you need to give money to get them back. Sometime they try to off ignition and take the keys away. All these are the signs of bribing money. Don't be panic in this situation. Speak smart and escape. If stops, just give attested copies of documents, don't stop your engine, Don't open doors, down door glass little bit and speak confidently. Try to get contacts of all local police authority contacts/ helpline numbers in advance.

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